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Vehicle Finance

Our team loves getting our customers motor vehicle finance options.

We are happy to consider campervans, caravans and trailers. Irrespective of what these vehicles are used for we pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high standard of service. Through our motor vehicle loans, we can guide you through the process and help you secure the freedom of being a cash buyer.

Along with vehicle insurance assistance we also offer Payment Protection Plans (PPP) and Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Warranties.

Insurance assistance.

If you’re concerned with obtaining insurance we have just the answer – a Zoom insurance broker who can arrange all your vehicle insurance and include the premiums in the overall vehicle finance.

Age of vehicles.

While we generally only provide vehicle loans for vehicles up to 16 years of age there are conditions, such as additional security, that will allow for the lending of money for classic or vintage vehicles.

Background check.

We can provide background checks on the vehicle you are interested in free of charge. This is a great service to ensure no money is owed on the vehicle from a previous owner. You'll quickly find out why Zoom Car Loans' motor vehicle loans are so appealing.

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