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Debt Consolidation Loans

A debt consolidation loan won’t deliver you a new car or a boat. But it can provide you with something just as important – ongoing peace of mind and freedom from multiple creditors.

To help you pay off previous monies owing and consolidate all debt in one easy place we can provide one loan with one simple monthly repayment. That means there’s no more worry about a range of weekly or fortnightly payments. Instead there’s just one simple monthly sum,
a figure that’s carefully established to ensure a realistic ongoing payment can be met.

It's not just about feeling financially secure however. Many of our customers find they clearly save money with a debt consolidation loan. That’s because they're not paying multiple amounts of interest on different debts, and they're not receiving multiple late payment penalties if they have a bad week or two.

Then there are the savings on paperwork and time. We can also help advise you on how to best pay out your existing debts to ensure the most cost-effective change in financing.

This type of financing is proving increasingly popular in New Zealand, and we regularly talk about such arrangements to customers in our office in Christchurch. Debt consolidation loans are worth considering if you want to feel more in control of your finances and avoid debt collectors – you’ll probably save money and definitely save stress.

We offer competitive interest rates. There are great fixed rates available, from 11.95% to 23.95% per annum.

We have several fast application options. You can apply 24 hours a day online, and we're available by phone from 8.30am to 5.00pm weekdays. We’re also available by fax or post. We endeavour to contact all of our customers within ninety minutes of receiving their application.

We can pay all your finances directly. This saves you bank fees and trips around town to clear bills. And, if you need money urgently, we have a same-day money service for a small charge.

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